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When contacting Select Quote to inquire about a million dollar life insurance policy, I encounter the worst service from any representative I've ever experienced!

First "Curtis" informed me I was being recorded and wanted to continue to dominate the conversation without allowing me to ask any questions! When I flat out asked him if I could "speak" or ask him any questions, he told me "no, he wasn't interested in hearing any questions that I had for him!" I hung up and called back in hopes of getting a different representative.

Curtis again answered with the same routine, and after realizing it was me, told me to have a nice day and hung up!

I called again, again receiving the same results.

I called again, this time it was "Michael", when he informed me I was being recorded, I responded with, "That's good, because I'm recording too", he then went into a long speech informing me that I was not allowed to record our conversation, blah...blah...blah...

He continued to talk, overriding anything I had to say "I'm sure to insure the disrupt the clarity of the recording" with such enthusiasm, that it was obvious that Michael had treated other potential customers in the same horrendous manner!!

The conversation ended by him hanging up as we both we're talking. "I recorded the call for anyone interested in hearing it".

Select Quote seems to be some kind of scam for innocent parties interested in finding a life insurance policy. I believe "SELECT QOUTE" is only a middle man company, making money off of our personal information and selling it to insurance companies.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USEING this company and I would almost bet your personal information ends up in locations that your not aware of!

I find it hard to believe that representatives such as these are able to conduct business in this manner with absolutely no fear of their superiors finding out how they handle customers!!


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First of all, this is such a hypocritical complaint. Secondly, it appears that you show quite an extensive anger management issue which leads into a bad temperament and poor judgment. As a result of this coversation, you are therefore categorized as a high risk individual, with suicidal tendencies and having an uncontrollable behavior is just a secondary reason not to give you their business.

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